Black and White Kitten found on 31st May Co. Cork

Black and White Kitten found on 31st May (night time) between Inchigeela and Ballingeary (Co. Cork, outside Macroom.) Kitten is mostly black, ‘tuxedo cat’ type of pattern, but has at least one potentially identifying mark on coat (not shown on photo.) Not sure of gender of kitten (think it may be a female) and haven’t had an opportunity to get it scanned for a microchip. Was not wearing a collar, but seems well socialised and seemed (and seems) very healthy. Might be 6-8 weeks old; was over 2 pounds weight on last Saturday (but had noticeably gained weight in last week!) Have been checking the animal lost and found websites for a week with no success. If you think that this is your lost pet, it is being well minded, and do please ring us on (026) 49224 (with verification of ownership/knowledge of coat marking(s) unshown on photo.) Thank you for reading.

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