What to do if you have FOUND a pet

Found A Pet


Steps to take if you have found a pet.

Pets going missing can be stressful and heartbreaking for both pet and owner. If you have found a pet in Ireland following the steps below can help reunite an owner with their faithful friend.

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Bring the dog or cat to a vet or rescue to be scanned for a microchip.

Under Irish law it is compulsory for all dogs to have a registered microchip since March 31st 2016. If you bring a dog or cat to your local vet they will have a scanner which can check for microchips. From the chip they will be able to look up the owners contact details providing the chip has been registered. Unfortunately some pets might have a microchip inserted but the owner did not register the microchip in their name.

Check with the neighbours and put posters up

Ask your neighbours if they recognise the pet. If you have found a dog take the dog for a walk in the area that you found it in. It’s owner might be out looking for them or someone might recognise the dog. Posters can be put up in local shops and around housing estates. Don’t forget to take down the posters if an owner is found.


Ring your local vet and dog pound

Ring your local vet to check if the pet has been reported as missing. Under Irish law you must report any dog found to your local dog warden. If you cannot keep the dog till the owner is located you can place it in a dog pound, details can be found below. Please note Dogs that are handed into Irish Dog Pounds are given just 5 working days to be reclaimed by their owner after which they can be either rehomed or put to sleep.


Post to social media

Post the pet as found on your own social media pages and ask your friends and family to share. It’s also advised to post on your local village or town Facebook pages and Social Media groups. The more people in your local area that know that you have found a pet the greater chance the pet has of being reunited with their owner.