What to do if you have LOST a pet

Lost A Pet Ireland


Steps to take if you have lost a pet.

Pets going missing can be stressful and heartbreaking for both pet and owner. If you have lost a pet in Ireland following the below steps can help reunite you with your faithful friend.

Post on Lostandfound.ie

As Ireland’s largest Lost and Found website we advertise and reunite lost pets every single day.

Check your local area and put up posters

Most pets unless stolen or accidentally trapped in a car tend to be found in areas near to where they live. Cats don’t tend to wander far unless mating and can often be found in neighbours sheds and gardens. Always ask your neighbours if they have seen your pets and put up posters locally in housing estates and shops to let people know your pet is missing. You can print a free poster directly from any ads you upload on to our Lost and Found website. 

Ring your your local dog pound and vet

If your dog has gone missing and is nowhere to be found locally please contact vets in your town and your local and neighbouring counties dog pounds immediately. Dogs that are handed into Irish Dog Pounds are given just 5 working days before they can be rehomed or put to sleep.


Post to social media

Post your pet as missing on your own social media pages and ask your friends and family to share. It’s also advised to post on your local village or town Facebook pages and Social Media groups. The more people in your local area that know your pet is missing the greater chance you have of being reunited with them.

How to prevent a pet from going missing


ID tags

Always have identification on your pets. Without ID dogs can be sent to dog pounds where they can be put to sleep and cats have very little chance of being brought back to their owners. When purchasing pet tags buy a spare one as pets can easily lose them.

Microchip your cats and dogs.

In Ireland it is compulsory to microchip all dogs since March 31st 2016. If your pets are microchipped they can be scanned by vets and rescues and returned home to you immediately providing your details are up to date. Microchipping your pets reduces the possibility of theft as pets with permanent ID are of less value to potential dog and cat nappers who wish to sell them on.

Spay and Neuter.

Neutered and spayed pets cannot be used for breeding purposes and therefore are less valuable to people wanting to steal them. Un-neutered male dogs and cats tend to wander looking for females in heat and many do not find their way home again. Neutering stops them from roaming and prevents unwanted litters.